Special Handling Pottery

I’m Joy Imai, and I have been the potter in residence at Allied Arts Guild since 1986.

My pottery shop/studio is located at the south end of the Rose Walk. I work on small batches and some one-of-a-kind functional pottery for the home, kitchen table and garden. The shop gallery is stocked with my current work for sale.

Joy also sells Japanese incense, Grace Note Chimes, and a great collection of chopsticks and rests.

Inja Ink Calligraphy has a nice selection of thoughtful cards, little books and quotations in her beautiful hand lettering for sale. Inja also hand letters many of the Bay Area’s wedding invitations. She can be contacted by e mail at injaink@yahoo.com .

The fabric artistry of Blanche Prior, who specializes in sashiko stitchery and applique wall constructions and coasters are also available. Recently Blanche has been drawing and doing collage works, many made into greeting cards.

Our newest member is Patti Avery. She is a fine arts painter and some of her watercolors are made into lovely greeting cards. She also stitches together animals out of felt and katsuri fabric and cleverly fashions them into seasonal basket ornaments . Patti collages little gift boxes with flowers and Japanese decorative paper.

The shop also has Grace Note Chimes, Deerhaven soaps, Shizu’s wrapped stones, Japanese incense, chopstick rests from Japan, and many more wonderful small gifts. .

Shop hours are 11:30AM-4:30PM, Monday to Saturday.

Phone: 650-321-8188




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