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Linx Dating

Linx Dating is an exclusive and private offline dating and social network created for the marriage-minded, and is the brainchild of entrepreneur Amy Andersen, who serves as the company’s founder & CEO. 

Back in 2000 and living in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Amy had an “a-ha” moment right in her backyard. She was socializing and meeting countless successful, highly educated, and professional men, the majority of whom were single and searching for “the one.”

Andersen was stunned by the dearth of eligible women in close proximity to these “gems” of men and, naturally, looked up to San Francisco where she saw a fascinating trend in the female population. Lots of gorgeous and brainy women frustrated by the shortage of commitment-minded men around them. Supply could meet the demand. Eligible professional Silicon Valley man + well rounded attractive professional San Francisco woman = unique niche and a great opportunity to be had. 

or the next 3+ years, Andersen was all-consumed by research and tapping into her expansive network of friends for advice and to see if they would be her first beta clients. Back in the early days, Linx was initially based on Andersen’s network of friends and referrals to their friends with interviews conducted in coffee shops. 

Today, Linx Dating is a thriving business, strategically positioned as the Bay Area’s premier high-end dating resource and nestled in the most romantic setting at Allied Arts. Who would have imagined that an idea for a business in 2003, based on an observation of the dating scene in Palo Alto circa 2000, would yield a business today with close to 1000 current clients and a network of over 20,000 who subscribe to “Dating Confidential” newsletters and want to join Link & Drink networking events? Who also would have thought that Andersen’s network of friends back in the day would have believed in her so much as to say, “sure, I will complete the Linx Dating application,” and trusted her with their information enough to say “let’s take this leap of faith together.”

The Linx network deals with a very high caliber mix of sophisticated professionals – excellent education, great job, many interests beyond the scope of their career, as well as, marriage-minded. We represent all ages – from early 20’s to 70’s. Many of our clients are recent grads of Stanford ready of the next chapter in their life and countless clients have been through marriage before with kids out of college and are looking forward to dating after divorce. 

here are several steps that lead up to the actual matchmaking stage. We typically conduct a meet-and-greet session at our office that marks the beginning of our scrupulous Linx Dating screening and vetting process as we delve deeply to get to know all about you, who you are, and what you are looking for in a perfect match.  It is the art and science of this careful due diligence that distinguishes us from other run-of-the-mill matchmakers-for-the-masses who often have no real desire to get to know their clients, and it is precisely this closed-network approach which differentiates us as the leading choice among high caliber and well-educated professionals. 

Phone: (650) 321-5469




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