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Esther Baran Artwork

Welcome to Esther Baran Artwork, a gallery full of imaginative color etchings, watercolors and oils. Inspired by folktales from a variety of cultures worldwide, Esther has been creating and selling her artwork for over 35 years. Although many of her pieces depict animals, which are often the main characters of cultural tales and stories, Esther also enjoys capturing the evocative shapes and textures of fruits and vegetables in her still life pieces.

Cards and birthday calendars depicting her artwork are also available for sale at the gallery. All proceeds benefit the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness.

For more information on Esther Baran and her artwork, visit:

For more information on The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, visit:

Contact Us:
By phone: 650-752-6768
By email: estherbaranartwork[at]

Gallery Hours:
By appointment and calendar below. Schedule a visit by emailing estherbaranartwork[at]

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