Join Allied Arts Auxiliary


How membership works:

Members of the auxiliary are required to attend monthly meetings, pay annual dues, work shifts in the Artisan Shop, and support Tally Ho both financially and through participation in committee work. There are four categories of membership in the Allied Arts Guild Auxiliary: Provisional, Associate, Active, and Sustaining.

All new members are Provisionals, and are sponsored by two existing members. Provisional members may join at any time during the year. For the first twelve months of membership, provisionals participate in auxiliary activities, attend monthly meetings, work in the Artisan Shop, complete the provisional training program, and participate in Tally Ho, our annual gala fundraiser. Our provisional members learn a great deal, meet our amazing members, and have a lot of fun!

Once the provisional year is completed, members become Active Members, participating in as many functions and/or activities as they like, and enjoying the right to vote in elections.

Interested in becoming a member of the Allied Arts Guild Auxiliary?
Contact us at or call us in the Artisan Shop at 650.325.2450. Our Membership Chair will be glad to get in touch with you!

Should you wish to give some of your time in the gardens or at our special events without becoming a member of the Auxiliary, you may wish to instead join Friends of Allied Arts.


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